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English For Travelers

Everyone loves to travel. But traveling is much more fun when you can speak English. For example, you will need to learn how to book a hotel in English. You might want to register for a scuba-diving lesson. Or possibly, you would like to get the penthouse suite.  


Travel Around the World        


Our lessons in English can help you do all of that. You will be able to book a hotel with ease. If you would like to order a package tour, no problem. Perhaps you would like to go for a sightseeing tour of the city. Done!

Speak English XL Unit 8, Lesson 1

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Do you have?

Any good                                    

Package tours

Do you have any good package tours?

Going abroad                            

Round the world trip                


Is there a?        

Package tour                             


Is there a package tour for Honolulu?                        

Natural beauty                  

Go sightseeing                           

Tour brochure                           


I want to                          


Around the world       

I want to travel around the world.                         

Scenic spots                        

Historical sites                                        


Could you recommend?

A good hotel with                                     

A reasonable rate                      

Could you recommend a good hotel with a reasonable rate?                               

Ancient ruins                            



I would like a           

A ski tour                            

In the Alps                                 

I would like a ski tour in the Alps.   

Summer resort                          

Winter resort / Ski resort         


I would like to spend

Christmas vacation            


I would like to spend Christmas vacation in Hanoi.

Art museum                       



How many nights?          

Are there

On that tour                       

How many nights are there on that tour? 

Historical museum                   

Botanical gardens                     


I am interested in

The tour for

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyons                             

I am interested in the tour for Las Vegas and the Grand Canyons.




What is?

The price for

This tour                                      

What is the price for this tour?


Hot springs                                                                            


Does the price?                      

Include meals                                    

Does the price include meals?                                


Exhibition centre                       


Is this charge for?

The high season  

Or for

The low season           

Is this charge for the high season or for the low season?        

Fishermans wharf                   

Seaside resort                            


Could you reserve?        

This package tour for                

The two of us

Could you reserve this package tour for the two of us?                                




Could you recommend?

A nice place for

An overnight trip               

Could you recommend a nice place for an overnight trip?                                                 




When would you?                                 

Like to go                            

When would you like to go?     


Bronze statue                             


How many of you?

Are going     

How many of you are going?   




What is your?


What is your budget?         

Suspension bridge                    



What kind of?                 

Hotel room                                

Would you like                            

What kind of a hotel room would you like?               


Neon lights                         


Could you?

Rent a car                           

For us

Could you rent a car for us?