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How to talk Sports in English

Do you love to watch or play sports? What is your favorite sport?  Perhaps you like to play baseball. Or maybe you like to play soccer with your friends. Have you ever been to a hockey game? One thing is for sure, watching sports can be really exciting.      


He Shoots, he Scores!       


Do you like to watch the Olympics? Are you a boxing fan? Who is going to break a world record? Our lessons can help you to talk sports in English. 


Speak English XL Unit 15, Lesson 1


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What is your favorite?                          

Sports event                       

What is your favorite sports event?         



What sport do you?

Want to play                       

What sport do you want to play?            



I was thinking about

Playing baseball

I was thinking about playing baseball.           



He is in good shape.                          


He is on

The school

Soccer team                

He is on the school soccer team.     



He is in better   

Physical shape                                  

Than I am

He is in better physical shape than I am.       



I am out of shape.                       



We have won.                                



Our team won                                

The game                                   

By 2 to 1                                     

Our team won the game by 2 to 1.          



They are sure to win.                         



The game ended                                    

In a tie                         

The game ended in a tie.                                                



Who is in the lead?             

Field hockey                      


The two teams tied.                           



Could I try playing?                             

In the outfield                     

Could I try playing in the outfield?        



They are on a

Winning streak

They are on a winning streak.  

Beach volleyball        


Our team won                        

The game

Our team won the game.                  

Canoe sprint


She beat me in                                

A contest                                    

She beat me in a contest.   



Who do you think?                        

Will win                              

The game                                   

Who do you think will win the game?            

Table tennis


You have to make sure

That I first understand              

The rules                                    

You have to make sure that I first understand the rules.                                   

Ski Jumping                       


I am sure

They will win                             

The game                                   

I am sure they will win the game.                   

Equestrian Jumping


What is the score?                             



How often?

Do you                        

Work out                                    

How often do you work out?                   



Who are they playing?                                                   



But you should

Warm up first

And stretch too    

But you should warm up first and stretch, too.     

Water Polo


The visiting team

Is leading by

5 points        

The visiting team is leading by 5 points.




He took part in

A tennis tournament

He took part in a tennis tournament.             


World series


She is a

Professional athlete                  

She is a professional athlete.                           

Olympic athletes

Qualifying competitions