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Here you will find over 20 English songs (with the words) in order to help you learn English better.






20 English Songs!


We have prepared 20 English songs to help you learn English better.  The words are included and some have great videos.  Learning is much more fun with songs. 

1.   I write the songs   Barry Manilow  

2.   Dancing Queen  

3.   Piano Man  
Billy Joel          

4.   Baby One More Time   
Britney Spears   

5.   Sometimes  
Britney Spears  

6.   Lost in Love 
Air Supply   

7.   Fernando 

8.   The power of love  
Celine Dion 

9.   Because you loved me 
Celine Dion

10. Every Breath You Take   The Police   

11. I can't fight this feeling anymore   REO Speedwagon 

12. Jailhouse Rock   Elvis Presley  

13. As long as you love me   Backstreet Boys 

14. I'll never break your heart   Backstreet Boys  

15. Dust in the wind  Kansas   

16. You don't bring me flowers  Barbara Streisand  

17. Without you   Mariah Carey 

18. Ben   Michael Jackson 

19. My girl   The Temptations  

20. She's always a woman to me   Billy Joel