How is your English ?

Learn English by Singing Songs

Singing is an excellent way to learn a language. You can practice singing these songs at home. Try and memorize all the words. Singing is also a fun and easy way to learn a language. The songs that we have provided have all the words and so it is easy to follow along.  

Start by listening to each song twice or three times. Then look up the meaning of the words. Translate the meaning of the words into your own language. And then sing the song until you know it well.

Do not be shy. Sing the sings very loud. Do not worry if you make some mistakes. Try and improve your singing as well. Please remember, learning a language should be fun not stressful. So, have lots of fun!

Here are 10 More Famous English Songs

10 More English Songs - With Words

Paper Roses

2.  Play Me

3. Crazy

4.  Blue Bayou

5. One moment in time

6.  Song Song Blue

7.  I can't live if living is without you

8.  You light up my life


9.  Mr. Lonely

10.  I will always love you