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How to shop for clothing  in English

Most of us love to go shopping. Maybe there is a big boxing day sale. Or possibly you are looking for a wedding dress. You might want to get some of the latest fashions. Our lessons focus on shopping for clothing.


Everything is on Sale       


Learning to shop for clothing in English though, can be difficult. Are you a petite size? Do you have it in a smaller size? What kind of fabric is it made of? Do you do alterations? Could you take in the waist a little? Our lessons will help you to master your English for when you go shopping.


Speak English XL Unit 11, Lesson 1


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Can we go to?                

The Mall                                 

The department store        

Can we go to the mall or the department store?     

A small (size)                                    

A medium (size)                               


I do not

Want to shop in          

Womens boutiques                          

I do not want to shop in womens boutiques.  

A large                               

An extra large                   


Sorry. These boutiques

Have all the

The latest fashions             

Sorry. These boutiques have all of the latest


A big sale                                   

Boxing Day sales


Also, they are having                    

Spring sales                               

Also, they are having spring sales.

Summer sale                             

Winter sale                                


I am going to buy

Some winter clothes                  

I am going to buy some winter clothes.          

End-of-season sale                          

Christmas sale                                  


But it is almost                              


But it is almost spring!                            

Thanksgiving sale                            

Annual sale                        


Hi, may I help you?                          

Clearance sale                                  

Black Friday


Yes, which clothes are?                        

On sale                               

Yes, which clothes are on sale?              

Sewing machine                       

Clothes hanger                  


Everything is                                 

On sale                               

Everything is on sale.               

Safety pin                            



The clothes on

These racks                 

Are twenty percent off                      

The clothes on these racks are twenty percent off.  




The clothes

In the back                          

Are thirty percent off                        

The clothes in the back are thirty percent off.      

A piece of cloth                                 



Those jeans                                    

Are part of

Our fall collection                     

Those jeans are part of our fall collection.   


Ironing board                                   


They are very                  


They are very popular.


Laundry basket                         


I will take                                   

Two pairs            

With a size 34 waist                                 

I will take two pairs with a size 34 waist.          

Evening gown                           

A wedding dress                                              


Make sure you buy                               

The right size                                    

Because none of

These clothes

Can be returned  

Make sure you buy the right size, because none of these clothes can be returned.



And these T-shirts

Over here                           

Are two-for-one                                

And these T-shirts over here are two-for-one!        



These are on sale now.                            


Thank you, I will

Look around       

Thank you, I will look around.        



Look at this blouse.                   

A wedding ring                         


Will it look good

On me                  

Will it look good on me?   



I do not think thats

Your color                                  

I do not think thats your color.