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Learn How to Talk on the Phone

Talking on the phone is very difficult in English. Many people are afraid to talk on the phone. It's difficult to understand what they are saying and they speak too fast. Our lessons will help you to speak fluently on the phone.   


Where is my Phone?       


I do not know how to talk on the phone. How do I leave a message? How do I make a long distance phone call in English. How much is the hook up fee? How do I pay my bill?


Speak English XL Unit 2, Lesson 1


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I would like

Get my phone


I would like to get my phone hooked-up.       

Installation fee                                 


How much?

Hook-up fee                                      

How much is the hook-up fee?                

Register / Sign up with                    


What is the?



Service charge                                  

What is the basic monthly service charge?    

Additional charges / Surcharges





How do I pay the bill?                      


I want


Call waiting                               

I want to have call waiting.                     

A billing summary                            


I would like


Call forwarding                                

I would like to have call forwarding.                     

Amount due                              


How much?


Caller ID                                   

How much do you charge for Caller ID?              

Due date


I would like to


Unlisted number                        

I would like to have an unlisted number.       

Standard time                                   


What kind of?

Low-cost packages                           


What kind of low-cost packages do you have?     

Daylight savings time                              


We have

Flat rate                             

Local calls                                 

We have a flat rate for local calls.          

Eastern standard time                             


We have

Measured rate                                   

Local calls                                  

We have a measured rate for local calls.              

Central standard time                                            


We have the

Best plan                            

Long distance calls                           

We have the best plan for long distance calls.

Mountain standard time                         


It provides

Low rate                      

For your calls             

During evenings and weekends                          

It provides a low rate for your calls during evenings and weekends.                   

Western standard time                            


Would you like?

Sign up / Apply                          

Would you like to sign up?              

Emergency call


Please cut-off

My telephone service

May 1st                                       

Please cut-off my telephone service as of May 1st

Touch-tone phone                                   


Please send the                       

Final bill                                    

This address                              

Please send the final bill to this address.              

Person to person call


I have to                                 


Telephone call            

I have to make a telephone call.                     

Speed dialing


I do not know                                   

The telephone number                              

I do not know the telephone number.