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Learn to Speak English at the Movies
                                                                                                                                      Do you enjoy going to the movies? Do you like to watch action movies? Perhaps, you prefer to watch a romance movie. Or maybe you like to watch country and western movies. Our English lessons will help you to speak English at the movies.                                                                         

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Here you will learn how to ask: What movies are playing? Which theatre is it playing at? What time is the next showing? You will also learn how to purchase your favorite movie tickets. And how to apply for a membership.


Speak English XL Unit 12, Lesson 1


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What kind of movie?                            

Do you want

To see                          

What kind of movie do you want to see?        

Action movie / Action film                     


I really want

To see                          

A horror movie                  

I really want to see a horror movie.        



It sounds scary.                                 

Romantic comedy                            


I do not like                                    

Horror movies                   

I do not like horror movies.                       



It is not

In theatres yet             


It is not in theatres yet anyway.                

Science fiction movie 


It wont be

Coming out                                

Until next week                                 

It wont be coming out until next week.          



I can not wait                            

Until that new

Romance movie                         

Comes out                                  

I can not wait until that new romance movie comes out.

Adventure movie               


What movies?

Are playing

What movies are playing?               

Animated film


He starred in                                 

Quite a number of      

Fine films                                   

He starred in quite a number of fine films.           



There is                                   

An action movie         


Brad Pitt                                    

There is an action movie starring Brad Pitt.  



And it is already                            

In theatres           

And it is already in theatres.                    

Silent movie                              




Is it playing at

Which theatre is it playing at?                        



It is showing at                              

The theatre                         

In the mall                                         

It is showing at the theatre in the mall.           

A documentary                                 


What time does?                            

The movie                                  


What time does the movie start?             

A romance movie                             


Where is?

That movie                         


Where is that movie showing?         

Adult movie

An educational film


What time is?                         

The next showing                              

What time is the next showing?               

Movie Ratings

G (general audiences)                       

PG (parental guidance suggested)                                  


All the critics                                  

Have given the movie


Great reviews                                   

All the critics have given the movie Titanic great reviews.                          

A war picture                            


Although the critics                              

Did not like

The movie

The audiences                                   

Loved it                                      

Although the critics did not like the movie, the audiences loved it.                     

A Kung fu movie

PG 13 (parents strongly cautioned)       

R (restricted)                                                                                  

Well, if we hurry,                          

We can make                                     

The four oclock show                             

Well, if we hurry, we can make the four oclock show.

Murder mystery                         


We have to get                                      


Before they 

Sell out                           

We have to get tickets before they sell out!   

A commercial