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Learning how to speak about your hair in English is a very complicated procedure for a woman. I need to get a perm. How would you like your hair done today?  What kind of hairstyle would you like? I want my hair evened up. Could you just trim the ends?    


I do not want bangs       


Our English lessons on haircare will make it easy for you to go to the beauty parlor.  You will not only be able to speak English well but you will also get a beautiful haircut as well.

Speak English XL Unit 10, Lesson 1

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Is there a good?                             

Beauty parlor / Beauty salon                  

Around here                               

Is there a good beauty parlor around here?

Brown hair                                

Gray hair                                   


I would like to

Make an appointment                       

For A cut                                           

And a perm                                

I would like to make an appointment for a cut and a perm.                           

Black hair                       

Red hair                                

When would you?

Like to

Make it for   

When would you like to make it for?      

Straight hair 

Blonde / Blonde hair                              


Would you like?

Someone special                               

Would you like someone special?           

Curly hair


Anyone would be fine.                      

Long hair                                            


How would you like?

Your hair done


How would you like your hair done today?  

Short hair


I would like 

A shampoo                            

I would like a shampoo.



I would like

My hair


I would like my hair conditioned.                   



I would like to have

A cut and                                           

A perm                        

I would like to have a cut and a perm.            

A brush                                      


I would like to have

My hair


I would like have my hair curled

A comb


My hair is

Very dry                              

And easily damaged                         

My hair is very dry and easily damaged.        



My hair was


From my last perm

My hair was damaged from my last perm.              

Hair dresser


What kind of perm?                                     

Would you like                           

What kind of perm would you like?        



I would like something

Light / Gentle / Mild                         

I would like something light.                           



Ok. We have a

Nice perm                   

That is very gentle

On your hair                      

Ok. We have a nice perm that is very gentle on your hair.



I have terribly

Frizzy hair   

I have terribly frizzy hair.                

Bobby pin / Hairpin                         


I would like

To have

My hair straightened

I would like to have my hair straightened.

Hair clip


Do you have?

A mild solution                                  

That wont harm my hair                 

Do you have a mild solution that wont harm my hair?

Hair roller                                 


She has

Long dark

Curly hair                           

She has long dark curly hair



What kind of?                                


Would you like

What kind of hairstyle would you like?                  

Nail clipper                               


How would?

You like

Your hair done                   

How would you like your hair done?                    

The scalp


What is the latest?                                 


What is the latest hairstyle?