How is your English ?



How to Speak English When you are Flying

Would you like to make a reservation in English? How much does a round-trip ticket cost? How would you cancel your reservation? What is the boarding time? And what gate should you board at? 


I would like to use my airmiles       


You will feel comfortable booking a flight in English after studying our lessons. You will be able to both book and cancel a flight. You will even be able to ask for a customs declaration form. If your bags are missing, no problem. You will be able to find out what happened.

Speak English XL Unit 6, Lesson 1

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I would like to                                                                   


Flight reservation

I would like to make a flight reservation.      

Jet airliner                          

Jet engine                            


I would like to

Make a reservation                    

For a flight                         

To Luxemburg


I would like to make a reservation for a flight to Luxemburg tomorrow.       

Private plane                             


Can I make?

A reservation for

Flight No. 550

For Puerto Rico                        


Can I make a reservation for flight No.550 for Puerto Rico tomorrow?                   

Supersonic transport         


I would like to reserve  

Two seats                           

From Amsterdam to Zurich                            

On May 7th   

I would like to reserve two seats from Amsterdam to Zurich on May 7th

A chartered airplane



In the afternoon                                                               

Would be fine

Anytime in the afternoon would be fine. 



Can I have?

Economy class seat                   

Can I have an economy class seat?



What is?

The fare

Business class                    

What is the fare for business class?         

Air route


Are there?

Business class seats           


Are there any business class seats available?

First class seat


I have

A business class

Reservation for   

Flight No. 635 to Seoul

Leaving at 3 p.m.       

On June 4th

I have a business class reservation for flight No.635 to Seoul, leaving at 3 p.m. on June 4th.

Altitude / Elevation                   


What is the fare?     

First class                   

What is the fare for first class?


How much?

Does it cost

Round-trip ticket                

How much does it cost for a round-trip ticket?

One-way ticket                                


Please leave

The return ticket


Please leave the return ticket open.

Valid until                          


I would like to

Make a reservation for

A round trip

Economy class flight

To Bombay                                

I would like to make a reservation for a round-trip economy class flight to Bombay.                         



I would like to use            


I would like to use my airmiles.

Direct flight  


Could you?

Check it                               

For me

Could you check it for me, please? 

A return ticket                   


I would like to


Flight reservation

I would like to confirm my flight reservation. 

Domestic flight


I would like to reconfirm                

My flight to Buenos Aires

Leaving this afternoon

I would like to reconfirm my flight to Buenos Aires, leaving this afternoon.              

International flight                  


Are there any seats?

Left on                                

The Flight                           

For Brussels today

Are there any seats left on the flight for Brussels


Check-in counter                      


Could you please?         

Put me on standby

Could you please put me on standby?