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Fine Dining in English

We all love to go out to eat at a nice restaurant. Most of us have good memories when we went out to our favorite restaurant. Perhaps we went out to dinner to eat with our friends. Or maybe we went out to celebrate a special occasion.                                 


What is todays Special?       


Would you like to speak English well when you go out to a nice restaurant? Our lessons in fine dining will help you. You will be able to ask: What is todays special? What kind of wine goes well with my dish?  And what kind of beer do you have? Yes. Our lessons will help you to order your favorite foods and drinks.


Speak English XL Unit 14, Lesson 1


Free Fine Dining Lessons


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All this talk

About food                  

Is making me hungry                        

All this talk about food is making me hungry.      

Green tea

Milk tea                              


It is time for dinner.                          

Ice tea                                        



Did you eat dinner?                          

Hot chocolate                                   



I have not eaten

Anything yet                

I have not eaten anything yet.                   

Mineral water                                   



Would you like to?                        

Eat dinner                                  

Would you like to eat dinner?                 

Orange juice                             

Tomato juice                                    


I do not know

How to cook                       

I do not know how to cook.                

Soda pop / Soft drink / Pop                    

Beverages / Drinks                          


I would like to

Invite you                           

To a meal                           

I would like to invite you to a meal.                

Cold drink(s)                                    

Hot drink(s)                              


Lets go to?                                   

A restaurant

Lets go to a restaurant, Okay?               

Non-alcoholic drink  /  Beverage          

Coca cola / Coke                      


I would really                        

Like to go                    

To the restaurant                              

I would really like to go to the restaurant.            

Cherry cola                               

Pepsi cola / Pepsi                      


We are going to go                         

To the restaurant                       


We are going to go to the restaurant later.     

Boiled water / Boiling water                  

Drinking water                                 


I will treat you to 

A meal                                

I will treat you to a meal.                            

Hard water                                

Soft water                                  


Do you know?                        

A good

Italian restaurant                      

Around here                               

Do you know a good Italian restaurant around here?                                                                                   

Tap water                   

Orange pop                                                                    


That is

A very good


That is a very good restaurant.

Grape pop                                 

Root beer     


Does that restaurant?


German beer                                     

Does that restaurant have German beer?     

Ginger ale                                 

Cream soda        


We have decided to                           

Dine out                                     


We have decided to dine out tonight.  

Bottomless cup                          

Free refills   


Its my treat!                      


Sugar packets                                   


I would like to                        

Make a reservation                           

For dinner                                 

I would like to make a reservation for dinner.

Freshly brewed coffee                            



May I reserve?

A table                 

At six tonight                                     

May I reserve a table at six tonight, please? 




For how many people?                            

Decaffeinated coffee / Decaff                

Instant coffee                                   


For eight people, please.                 

Irish coffee                                

Black coffee


Smoking or non-smoking?               


Tea bag                                      


Non-smoking, please.                       

Ice water                                    

Distilled water


Your name and                               

Phone number                                   

Your name and phone number, please.          

Soda water                 



Do you have a?

Special dress code             

Do you have a special dress code? 


A bottle of champagne                                   


Could we have?

A table for eight                        

Could we have table for eight?            

Sparkling wine



We do not have                        

A reservation                                    

We do not have a reservation.                  


Bloody Mary


I am sorry but

All seats                                     

Must be reserved

I am sorry but all seats must be reserved.