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It is important to get a good education in English. A good education can open doors to a better paying job. If you are going to study or work abroad you will need a higher level of education. Our online lessons can help you to succeed.                                    


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Our lessons will show you how to enroll in school. You will be able to ask questions like: When does the academic year start? When does the first semester begin? And, how many credits do you need to pass the course?


Speak English XL Unit 13, Lesson 1


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Public high school                            

Do the children

In this area                                

Go to                                   

Which public high school do the children in this area go to?                   


Day care center


Is there?                                 

A good nursery                                  

In this neighborhood                        

Is there a good nursery in this neighborhood ?    

Public school                                    

Public high school                                   


Could you tell me?

Which elementary school                 

Our children                                     

Should go to                              

Could you tell me which elementary school our children should go to?                     

Elementary school                           

Junior high school                           



Day care center                                 

Has the

Best reputation                          

Which day care center has the best reputation?      

Senior high school / High school          

Prep school (preparatory)

Do you know any good?                              

Private schools                                 

In this area                                

Do you know any good private schools in this area?                                                                                 

Day school                                

Night school                              


May I come and?

Take a look

At the school

May I come and take a look at the school?

Technical school                      

Boarding school                       


I would like to                                 


My daughter        

In your school

Iâ��d like to enroll my daughter in your school. 




School begins

At 8 o�clock

Every morning    

School begins at 8 o�clock every morning.

School district



He walks home

After school         

He walks home after school.

School for the deaf                          

School for the blind


My younger brother

Is still at


My younger brother is still at school.             

Ministry of Education                             

School office                                    


Who should?

I talk to                        

About her registration                      

Who should I talk to about her registration?

Compulsory education                            

The level of education


What documents?

Do I need

For her registration

What documents do I need for her registration?

The cost of education                      



Could I have?

An enrollment form                          

Could I have an enrollment form please?




Please fill out

The enrollment form                         

Please fill out the enrollment form. 

School board                                    

Board of trustees 


Could you explain?

How to fill out                    

The enrollment form                         

Could you explain how to fill out the enrollment form?

An entrance examination               

Placement test                                  


She needs to have

A medical checkup                            

She needs to have a medical checkup.            

Scholastic aptitude test (SATs)

Guidance counselor                                                


We need her

Medical records                        

We need her medical records.                 


Homeroom teacher