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How to do your Banking in English

If you are trying to do your banking in English you will find that it is not very easy to do. How do I open an account? How do I make a withdrawal? How do I send money? How can I get a mortgage for a house?    


I would like to make a withdrawal      


Our free online English lessons can help you to speak fluently. You can master how to do your banking in English. You will feel confident when you go to a bank.  And you will understand what they say. 

Speak English XL Unit 3, Lesson 1


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I would like to            


An account                                 

I would like to open an account.                     

Legal tender


I would like to                 


New account               

I would like to open a new account.        

Mutual Funds                           


I would like to open                               

A checking account                   

I would like to open a checking account.       

Debit / Deduct                           



I would like to                


A savings account                             

I would like to open a savings account. 

Account number                       


Will it?

An individual account                              

Will it be an individual account?            

Fiscal year


Will it?

Joint account                             

With your wife                                  

Will it be a joint account with your wife?      

Promissory note / An I.O.U.           


It will be

An individual account                              

It will be an individual account.                 

Stop payment


I would like to                                 

Open this account                     

In both

My wife's name and my name         

I would like to open this account in both my wifes name and my name.      

Void / Cancel / Null & Void                   


I would like to open                               

A combined checking                              

Savings account                                

I would like to open a combined checking and savings account.                                                              

Pay to the order of            


How much?             



How much interest do you get?               

Daily interest rate                            


What is the?

Interest rate                       

A savings account                             

What is the interest rate for a savings account? 

Monthly interest rate                       


It earns


6.25 %  /  (Six point two-five percent)           

It earns an interest of 6.25 %.                 

Annual interest rate


The interest is                         


Quarterly / Semi-annually / Annually                      

The interest is compounded quarterly.          

Check stub / A stub   


When does?


When does it mature?                       

Cashiers check                                


It will


Next July      

It will mature next July.                           

Forged check     


How many?                                   


Would you like


How many checks would you like to order?  

A Fund                               


There are

Twenty-five checks

In a book      

Five books in a box                   

There are twenty-five checks in a book, and five books in a box.                           

Hard currency


I would like to


Three boxes

I would like to order three boxes, please.              


Would you like?                            


Phone number                                   

Printed on your checks                                   

Would you like your address and phone number printed on your checks?                   

Blank check                              


When will?                             


Be ready                             

When will the checks be ready?                      

Canceled check                                 


They will be


Next month / Next week                    

They will be ready next month.                   

Post-dated check


Please use                               



Personalized checks arrive      

Please use this checkbook until your personalized checks arrive.              

ATM / Automatic teller machine           


Do you have?

A credit card                                     

Do you have a credit card?                    

Stock exchange


Do you have?

An ATM card                      

Do you have an ATM card?