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Learn to Speak English Online with Grammar, Idioms, and Songs.


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Here you will find 100 English Idioms,  over 20 English songs (with the words), and some free English grammar lessons in order to help you learn English better.






20 English Songs!


We have prepared 20 English songs to help you learn English better.  The words are included and some have great videos.  Learning is much more fun with songs.  Here  are  3  examples:  Every breath you take  /  Piano Man  /  Sometimes                                                                                 

Free English Grammar Lessons!       


We have prepared some free lessons in English grammar to help you improve in your  English.   Each lesson has a teaching box at the top and answers at the bottom.   Here are some fine examples:  be going to   /  in, at, on   /  I'm eating  


100 English Idioms!


We have prepared 100 English idioms in order to help you learn English.  These idioms are the most common in use today.  And we hope that you won't "look a gift horse in the mouth."  Now, "go ahead and break a leg."

  My heart will go on  by  Celine Dion